(Deutsch)Reiki is a modern complimentary therapy resulting from a revelation experienced by the Buddhist Monk Mikao Usui in Japan in the early twentieth century. The practice involves the 'laying on' or 'holding above' of the hands, over the whole or specific parts of the body, while the Client sits or lays fully clothed in a comfortable position.

Therapy is safe, relaxing and painless, Clients invariably report an increased feeling of well-being, achieving complete relaxation or a state of meditation during a session. It's claimed that the practice of Reiki transfers universal energy through the hands to the body, strengthening the immune system and bringing into balance the body's natural energy, this is roundly rejected by science that considers Reiki 'unproven' and at best a practice of suggestion or demonstration of the effect of placebo, but it is today the therapy of choice for the many not relieved by conventional mediicine.

Although millions of people use Reiki routinely for pain control and many ailments, you should always seek advice from a medical practitioner first if you feel unwell. It is becoming common for Doctors to refer patients for Reiki sessions, particularly to aid the palliative care of people living with pain, chronic or terminal conditions.
(Deutsch)The Dittrichring Practice is purpose designed for Clients to feel comfortable, relaxed and peaceful.
(Deutsch)Your first session is the most important, it begins with a coffee over a short period of consultation where notes* are taken about your life and general health past and present. Usually your first Reiki session is carried out with you lying down first on your back then your front, but you can sit if you feel more comfortable, it is not necessary for you to remove any clothing. This session takes ninety minutes, two hours for the complete appointment.
(Deutsch)Follow-up sessions, if required, vary from just five minutes to one hour depending on your personal needs. If you already use Reiki regularly, it is desired but not required for you to have the complete first session. You may feel many different sensations during a session, some people report a warm feeling or tingling, if you experience any sensation that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy you should say so immediately.
(Deutsch)* For your confidentiality our records are indexed by assigning a number to you individually, we do not store any part of your name on our system, this protects you against any breach of your personal information as your records cannot be traced to you as an individual. The records we keep are your property and you can request a complete copy at any time. You are not obliged to disclose any details about your life or medical conditions unless you are completely happy to do so.
(Deutsch)The first complete introductory session is €119. All other sessions are charged at €1.44 per minute. For Clients requiring complete respite from life we have a 'Guest weekend' offer which includes four Reiki sessions by two practitioners, two nights (Friday and Saturday) in our comfortable Guest accommodation, and breakfast, leaving you to enjoy the sights
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(Deutsch)No.16 Dittrichring is in central Leipzig, just a one-minute walk from Thomaskirche.

From Leipzig main railway station the No.9 tram or No.89 bus are just two
stops from Thomaskirche. Leaving the tram you need to walk back 200
metres, cross over the road in front of Thomaskirche (Church) and
looking left you will see Dittrichring. Leaving the bus you need
to walk forward just a few steps and right into Dittrichring.

No.16 Dittrichring is the fourth building on your right.
Manja Schmidt - Meister

Dittrichring 16
04109 Leipzig Zentrum

0049 (0) 341 4626 8178
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